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Hi, I am Palak, born and raised around the mountains of Dehradun, India. I am a visual artist; I mostly photograph, paint and film. I like to collect moments and preserve them. I have received a formal education in photography, but most of my learnings are experiential and observational.  


With a lot to see, a little to share and no words to utter, I photograph.

My artistic approach is rooted in an exploration of intimacy with Nature. I was born and brought up in a beautiful valley in the Himalayan foothills that molded my understanding of the world by keeping my sense of wonder intact.

My work draws inspiration from my experiences and surroundings. I embrace light and its absence as a source of inquiry into the unsaid. My process of creating art is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. With all the colors that paint the world, I express the ones that reach inside through different mediums.

I capture anything that moves or doesn’t, anything that is beautiful or isn’t. I photograph with the intent to capture the fleeting nature of moments that encompasses my subject. I am quite fascinated with how memories react with each other and how similar our existence is to ‘memories’. Memories cease to exist when we stop believing in it just like our existence. Being a lucid dreamer, the line between dreams and reality is a little obscure to me, I experience everything in fragments, everything seems to be a figment of my imagination. Hence, photographs preserve such realities for me and help me build a Memory Palace out of all the visuals I collect.

My abstractions are impressionistic translations of the transient. I like to incorporate movement in stills to give a sense of Time. I believe movement enhances the preservation of the moment and evokes familiarity with the passage of Time. I also use movement in the form of uninterrupted flow in my paintings, my work can be easily recognized by the paint drips or splatter.

With time, my vision and my interpretation of photographs and memories has evolved. I am able to understand the visual rhythms created by light better which further helps me to paint with it.

I aspire to be on a perpetual pursuit of finding meaning of things through photographs.  

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