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Every day, I watch it leave us with colors we are most afraid of,  everything condenses into a uniform feeling, the canvas sheds all the colors and prefers a blue over the others for a little while. I can hear the last call of the birds and see them transfer the responsibility of a comfortable silence to the insects, I can hear that the cicadas have a lot to discuss. 


The goodbyes before departure, I look up in the sky and all the beings are heading home after hours of movement, I hear it’s time to stop from above.  The confluence of motion and stillness makes me wonder how perfectly each day is designed, even after everybody leaves it is never lonely for the soul, the stars keep company on days when the Moon cannot. Along came night and our desire to be still.


It leaves with a colourful silence and arrives with it the next morning. 

Every evening after it leaves, I have to wait for darkness. The cities don’t sleep early now and the light we created makes me see the trees differently, like products on display for kids drooling in the backseat, I gaze at them from my window and visualise how the sun makes them look during the day.  Sometimes the nights feel too bright, it’s hard to talk to the stars. I can see them staring at us but my vision can’t overlook the haze, they are asking us to stop, insinuating that it’s time to stay. We drive past all the signals and sleep like the day hasn’t changed. 

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