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With photography being my primary medium of expression and communication to sustain myself in this social construction, I translate my feelings through other mediums as well. I realized how limited humans are in terms of experiences and emotions, which is why we often meet the same personalities with a new face. I wondered what separated us from each other if there isn't much left that we can truly call our own, with experiments on my journey, a few questions were answered. I realized that the unicity of our emotions lies in our translations of it, each expression is an ode to a feeling.

The process of molding time into a form sculpts the physicality of a fleeting moment by not only translating the moment but also condensing and preserving all of 'you' at that very moment in a breath that you can hold in your hands; that translation, condensation and preservation makes every one of us unique. 

I translate the forever fleeting thoughts and moments into a form. My work is influenced and inspired by Nature, and I include humans in that spectrum, we often forget that we're nature too. I was introduced to light through the dark and I took my time to accept them both. My process of creating relies on the constant act of unlearning and learning and my learnings are mostly experiential and observational. Most of my expressions and experiences are fueled by the perpetual longing to find my own truth,  I stumbled upon the irrelevance of life a little too soon.  I believe that the only way you can find answers is by seeking them and since there is no absolute truth, it's fun to make sense of things on your own. 

"Doubt everything, find your own light" was something I read in my teenage that stayed with me, my first interaction with this statement was through a random quote on the internet by a guy called Buddha. It stayed with me such that, I now, believe it's rather "be your own light". ​I manifested that epiphany into a form by creating this space where I can just be, doing anything other than being sucks but hey it's a different age. 


Finding answers in this world has been conflicting for me as I have always distinguished between the world and my 'bubble world', with time I realized that the world is fluid and I was restricting myself, I mean it has the word 'bubble' in it. It made me realize that we are saying the answers to the questions we are asking, we listen to everything but ourselves. 

Here's listening to all of our selves! 

Thank you for coming here and that's all I have to say for now and if you want to say something to me you can reach me at

love & light 

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