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It is captivating to observe the ever-changing emotions of young children as they are exposed to what we define as reality. I find great interest in photographing children as a way to reminisce about my own past and how I was once like them. Watching their reactions to the world around them gives me a deeper understanding of human nature and behavior. Through these photographs, I have categorized these observations into what best describe them.



It focuses on children who exhibit a sense of safety, comfort, and trust in their environment. These children feel protected and supported, and their basic needs for love, care, and stability are met. They have a strong sense of attachment to their caregivers, which fosters a sense of security and confidence in their interactions with others and their surroundings. These visual representations can convey the sense of security and confidence that these children feel, as well as the importance of nurturing relationships in their emotional development.



It centers around children who experience satisfaction, happiness, and well-being. They are often seen enjoying the present moment, expressing joy, and finding contentment in their lives. They may be engaged in activities they enjoy, such as play, exploration, or creative expression. They give love without the burden of responsibility. They know how to live in the present, as they have few worries and ample time to pursue what truly matters to them. These visual representations can convey the sense of contentment and fulfillment that these children experience, highlighting the importance of allowing children to experience and express positive emotions.


It focuses on children who exhibit a sense of wonder, exploration, and curiosity about the world around them. These children are often seen asking questions, seeking new experiences, and engaging in activities that stimulate their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. They may be interested in learning about their environment, engaging in imaginative play, or experimenting with new ideas and concepts.
Curious children make restless adults, they're always thinking about answers and reasons even when they know there exists none

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