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It is quite intriguing to observe the changing emotions of a young human, as 'it' is being exposed to what we define as reality, I like to photograph children to remind myself of how I was everything that they are, watching them react to the world gives me a better understanding of a 'human' and its behaviour. These are my observations in photographs, I have categorised it into three different words to best describe it as.

Belief, they are aware of their own potential and know that one can be oneself when there is no pride to protect. If loved warmly, children become powerful and can self actualise themselves from a tender age.  

Content, children are very giving yet they feel so complete, I believe its because they always give, out of love and not out of fear of responsibility. They know how to live in the now, since they have very little to care about and a lot of time to act on the little they care about.

Figuring, they want answers and explanations, they are constantly seeking truth, discovering new fears and figuring things out, trying to make sense of the world in their curious ways, only to grow up to be a little lost. Curious children make restless adults, they're always thinking about answers and reasons even when they know there exists none.