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Painting Process

I associate painting as the most intimate form of communication with my self as I indulge in stream of consciousness method of creating art, quite unintendedly. None of my artworks are truly finished nor abandoned, these are visual representation of a time and because of the beauty of its form, it lets me revisit and showers me with the power of altering it at any given moment. With the act of revisiting and altering, it keeps them away from the bridge of abandonment, I believe it's always better to have freedom even if you don't wish to act on it.

I have not displayed my paintings to anyone except for a few friends prior to this as they have been a very personal and integral part of my life, with experiential learnings I realized vulnerability is a strength which further allowed me to be more free with the various mediums and expressions. I don't intend t imitate reality through my paintings so the proportions and perspectives are never quite there, my learnings have mostly been observational and photography has aided my process in a considerable way.


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