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whenever it drops

It drops from above

like teardrops of glitter and gold,

for plants drying & dying 

roots that are trying to hold

Holes and heart, 

filling voids with an abundance 

Hoping that it will overflow


It pours, it cleanses 

Out there, breathing 

Making little rainbows in the light 

Spinning in the frame 

Speaking softly before it touches the earth 

Making enough sounds to alarm and prepare us

And even after it leaves

It stays for a little while and goes slowly with the sun 

Like alchemy from above

It enters our realm 

Seeps in & alters the chemistry around

We walk around with umbrellas, impervious to change

On a ground that doesn’t remain the same 



Distorting visuals of our reality, 

Reflecting the impermanence nature of being

Like an out-of-bath experience for beings that can’t move  


It doesn’t change, 

Puddles to float the paper boat in 

Puddles to curse,

I got splatter on my shoes!

I love the rain, oh this foolish shelter

Comfortable privileged observations, 

With nowhere to go,

Fixated on the window

Watching the same flower react to a thousand different nose

Can you love the rain without a permanent roof on your head 

Can nature make you happy if that is the only thing you have


I thought, I often think.  



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