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art of receiving


I often question the effectiveness of communication when for the most part everything is lost in translation. This instalment is to display the immense subjectivity of art. These are diverse visual portrayals of the same painting, displaying the reception of art by the onlooker, it is never received the way the artist intended to. The experience of receiving photographs is not only distorted by one’s own experience and insight but it is also altered by a lot of pertaining factors like the medium you’re viewing it on. Every display is calibrated differently hence colors vary from screen to screen, even the measure of brightness can distort the visual meaning, what transfers through this ambiguity, is the emotion that a photograph evokes.  These are a hundred renditions of the same painting which expresses how different field of vision can be; a hundred frames, a hundred feelings. It also instigates the meaning of life and its truth enveloping one overall truth than others, that there is no absolute truth.

colors inside
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